ABISMO ANHUMAS is the name of a cave located 23 km (14.3 miles) from Bonito in Mato Grosso do Sul, one of the top eco tourism destinations in Latin America. Observing from above it is not possible to realize the real dimensions of this submerged cave, discovered by a cowboy after a fire in the woods it was open to visitors in 1999 right after researches for mapping , training and team qualification.

The narrow gap in the ground surface is merely the beginning of the rapel activity, a climbing technique with ropes. Till the cave’s base a tour of 72 meters climbing down – equal to a 30 floors building! –  takes 5 minutes. Try to enjoy the maximum of the sight.

Once the rapel is done, visitors will land their feet on a floating deck built on a lake over 80 meters deep of crystal clear water and width of a soccer field.

Tens of limestone conical formations occupy the lake and its surroundings, some reaching 20 meters high. To have a closer look getting in the water is what it takes ( with  a average temperature of  64ºF) to float among this valley of cones formed ages ago. For many, the sensation is like flying over an onirical surreal environment.

For certified divers Abismo Anhumas offers the option of going further: precisely 18 meters deeper. The scuba-diving reveals new sceneries, luminosity and the amplitude of one of the most impressive caves in our Planet.

Abismo Anhumas, those that visited it want to come back. Those that did not,  already know what they are missing.


Reaching the 72 meters bottom and once on the deck with shaking legs and a heart slowly getting back to its normal pace you will observe the grandiosity of earth’s inner portion carved through out millions of years, shaping drop by drop awesome stalactites and stalagmites and their variety of formations that play with each one’s imagination revealing different beings and objects.

The lake with a volume of approximately 24.000 m3 and 80 meters deep allows clear viewing and displays more than 20 subaquatic cones of calcium carbonate composition where Nature once more greets us with its power and perfection.

Come on in you too!!!


    The adventure begins in town, at 6 pm in the previous day of the expedition when a rappel training takes place on a platform 8 meters high – extremely important for the safety of the next day. That is the moment when the instructors are on alert and due their observations and technical perceptions they can analyze who is able or not to slide down in the Abismo: those with nervous or phobic issues besides overweight people, heart disease and diabetics who are informed about the impossibility of doing the climbing.


    Those about to face Abismo’s challenge must get prepared.As in any other activity that results in physical losses, it is very important to keep yourself hydrated. It is recommended to drink water before, during and after the activity. Before leaving the hotel have a good breakfasft.  Bring along some light snack such as fruit, cereal bar, sandwich and why not a chocolate bar?You will spend lots of energy to climb down and mostly to climb the 72 meters up. Remember!!!! That is the same hight of a 26 floor building.

    Wear something comfortable. Down there is cold. The recommendation is to wear a flexible cloth trouser, t-shirt and a coat. High tech materials that allow transpiration are very suitable. On your feet you must use boots or sneakers with long socks.

    For image hunters is good to remind that the cave is very large and dark. Taking pictures inside the cave is allowed and even recommended. For the using of a tripod is required previous authorisation from the direction.

    Contact us previously.


    The expedition to Abismo Anhumas has a roll of fundamental topics to provide you a pleasent, easy going and safe experience. Therefore, we kindly ask to the visitor to pay attention to the following information:

    • One day before the expedition, Abismo Anhumas Team develops a specific practical training in our office at Bonito’s downtown. This way everybody may experience the upwards and downwards climbing techniques besides the safety procedures involved in this adventure.

    • The expedition requires small groups, with a preset departure schedule. This provides more comfort and safety for all. Groups and departure schedule are both defined one day before the expedition day, during the practical training in our office at downtown.

    • 20 is the maximum number of visitors per day ( environmental license limit )

    • After climbing down, the visitor will arrive on a floating deck where our instructors are ready to provide all the required support. There is a floating boat that is used for a ride at the lake’s perimeter, while general info are provided by the instructor on board. Snorkeling will be lead by another instructor and offers an unique experience to explore the lake from the water.

    • Scuba diving is allowed just for certified divers with a maximum limit of 4 dives a day.

    • Scuba Diving has to be booked separately from the rappel. Warning: it might exist vacancy for expedition with snorkeling but not for scuba. Therefore it might be worth book it previously.

    • The equipments for scuba diving or for snorkeling may be rented in specialized agencies in town.

    •  Transportation and meal are not included.

    • Personal Accident Insurance is provided.


    All the equipment used at Abismo Anhumas follows international safety specifications (UIAA and CE) and by rule are checked before and after each expedition. At the slightest signal of wearing, the equipment is replaced. It is forbidden the use of private equipment or not provided by the local agencies, since the expedition is exclusively done with gear of Abismo Anhumas.

    For divers equipments such as mask, neoprene wetsuit and fins may be private or rented at specialized local agencies. Cylinders and weight belts will be provided. Scuba Diving will be permitted exclusively for those that present certification or association of officialy recognized diving schools.



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