The best experience in Bonito-MS

It all starts with the descent of 72 meters with the support of electric rappel devices, directly into the cave. From there, you can see the crystal-clear lake and the unforgettable, jaw-dropping view. That is the experience that is waiting for you in Bonito-MS.

Incredible. Impressive. Unforgettable. These are some of the adjectives used to describe the Anhumas Abyss. What are you waiting for? Come and see!

The adventure begins with stunning views that can be contemplated throughout the 72-meter descent into the cave. Trained monitored guides assist each visitor’s descent, which is supported by electric rappel devices. Once in the cave, you go on a boat tour, where you’ll learn about the rock formations. If you want even more adventure, you can snorkel or scuba dive in the crystal-clear waters, observing various speleothems such as cones, stalactites and
All this is in a single tourist attraction, located in one of the main ecotourism destinations in South America: the city of Bonito, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. We look forward to your visit and expect you with a team prepared to guide you, your partner, your family, your children or friends, complying with all safety regulations. Come and live this experience that can transform your outlook on life. Come to the Anhumas Abyss!

Segurança na aventura - mergulho no Abismo Anhumas


Safety is one of the most important concerns in the Anhumas Abyss. As members of ABETA (Brazilian Association of Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism Companies), we have Safe Adventures as one of our main premises. Our team of tour guides is properly trained in accordance with the standards of the Safety Management System to guarantee comfort and protection during the tour. The entire tour process is periodically audited and certified by the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT).
The only access to the Anhumas Abyss is with the descent equipment provided by the Anhumas Abyss. Therefore, to ensure the safety of all visitors, it is prohibited to use any other devices to reach the Abyss. Our equipment follows international safety specifications (UIAA and CE) and goes through mandatory inspections before and after each excursion.
There are two possibilities for scuba diving: the baptism, a dive of up to 8 meters deep, which does not require the presentation of diving certification; and dives of up to 18 meters deep, which require certification. In this case, we accept all international certifications, such as Padi, Naui, and any other from officially recognized schools.

We work within safety standards, but it is always important to remember: the Anhumas Abyss offers insurance in case of accidents.


The Anhumas Abyss is a place of unique beauty: a partially submerged cave, with a crystal-clear water and a forest of limestone cones, which has the largest cone ever recorded in world literature. It is nature in its purest state.

Flutuação no Abismo Anhumas

Getting there

Anhumas Abys is 23km from central Bonito, with easy access through the MS-382 road, towards the city of Porto Murtinho. Just take the North exit from the city of Bonito and continue towards the Gruta do Lago Azul. Then, continue for another 2 km keeping to the right and you will reach our car park. Throughout the road, there are many guide signs directing the way. Click here to find out more about what awaits you in one of Brazil's most impressive

Formações geológicas no Abismo Anhumas

Virtual Tour

Visit the Anhumas Abyss without leaving your home! From your computer or your cell phone, through this tool, you can take a virtual tour of everything that awaits you on the most impressive tour of Bonito-MS. Check it out and be amazed with us!

Veja a opinião de quem visitou o Abismo Anhumas

Foi simplesmente incrível! O local por si só já é deslumbrante. Parece que você está chegando em outro mundo. E pra fazer com que tudo isso seja mais inesquecível ainda, a equipe do Abismo é simplesmente sensacional. Como tenho certificação, fiz o mergulho e não há palavras que definam a beleza daquele lugar lá embaixo. Os cones gigantescos parecem se acender em meio a escuridão, é surreal de lindo! Todo mergulhador deveria conhecer! Recomendo a todos!

Natália FerreiraCuiabá-MT

Foi a melhor experiência da minha vida. Nunca me senti tão emocionada, pude sentir a mistura dos melhores sentimentos que existe. A única coisa que consegui fazer foi agradecer Deus pela oportunidade de estar ali vivenciando a mais fantástica beleza natural do Brasil.

Luh CorreiaPresidente Prudente-SP

O Abismo Anhumas é um sonho, é um lugar único, parece que estamos noutro planeta. É uma mistura de sentimentos e experiências e a caverna em si, que é lindíssima. A equipe de instrutores é maravilhosa, fez toda diferença descer com tanta informação sobre o local e com cuidados do Fernando e Tiago. Amei e voltarei.

Silvane BarbosaRio Grande do Sul

O local é único no mundo! O pessoal do Abismo Anhumas é super atencioso e muito preocupados com a segurança do grupo! Se vai a Bonito, não deixe de visitar o Abismo Anhumas!!

Rubens do MonteBelo Horizonte-MG
O Abismo Anhumas na mídia